Hair Loss

Hair Loss also known as Alopecia affects millions of men and women every year. There are a number of causes including hormones for women after having given birth, or simply just general stress. There are also instances where disease or side effects of a medical procedure may be the cause. However the most common cause of Hair Loss is hereditary hair loss, affecting over 80 million men and women in the US alone,
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Female Pattern Baldness
  • Androgenetic alopecia

-Thinning of Hair and Bald Patches – often beginning in the center of the head, especially in round circle patterns. -Complete Baldness


  • Hair Disorders – Hereditary baldness, etc.
  • Diseases, illness, or side effects from certain treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy
  • Hormones and Stress
  • Diet and Poor Nutrition
  • Overuse of harmful hair products

In order to treat Hair Loss dermatologists have been using a number of different methods including Laser Devices, Prescription and Non-Prescription medications, and procedures such as Hair transplant or scalp reduction. After your dermatologist understands the issue they can properly diagnose and recommend a proper course of treatment.