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The Dermatology Center is Queens' premiere dermatology practice, offering the best in both medical and cosmetic dermatology care services. Led by Dr. Jordan S. Zuckerman, The Dermatology Center has been providing the latest and most innovative dermatological care since 1993! Known for his knowledge, decades of experience, and overall compassion for patients, Dr. Zuckerman has the ability to solve the most critical of skin care issues - offering the high quality care few dermatologists across NYC can match. For more information on any of our dermatological services, be sure to contact The Dermatology Center today!


Combining decades of hands-on patient care experience, with the latest innovations in dermatological science, the team at The Dermatology Center offers a wide range of medical dermatology care services for the whole family! From common skincare concerns like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, to more advanced issues like skin cancer, hair loss and more - The Dermatology Center strives to provide the highest level of medical dermatology care available in NYC. With nearly 3 decades in practice, Dr. Zuckerman and his team have earned the reputation of being one of the premiere medical dermatology practices in all of Queens, and they are here to help you today!

In addition to the high level medical dermatology care, The Dermatology Center has garnered a reputation as being Queens' premiere cosmetic skin care treatment center! Dr. Zuckerman and his team are here to help you achieve your dream complexion, using the latest and most innovative non-invasive techniques that are not only effective, but safe as well - limiting any downtime, side effects and risks! The Dermatology Center offers treatments including Botox, Injectable Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Aesthetic Laser Treatments, and much more!

Invented in the early 1940's by Dr. Mohs himself, Mohs Micrographic Surgery is one of the most effective treatment methods for skin cancer around today. For over two decades, Dr. Zuckerman and his team have been treating patients dealing with a wide range of skin cancer issues, using this and other treatment methods. Using the latest techniques and innovations, the The Dermatology Center team prides itself on helping patients identify and treat skin cancer concerns as early as possible, and ensuring patients have the highest possible chances of combatting their issues to be cancer-free with fewer side effects and risks.

Dr. Zuckerman is now the official dermatologist of the St. John’s University athletics department.

As Queens' premiere dermatology practice, the team at The Dermatology Center prides itself on offering the latest and greatest innovations in both medical and cosmetic dermatology care. This includes a wide range of laser treatments and procedures! From laser hair removal, and laser skin resurfacing, to laser hyperpigmentation treatment and even tattoo removal - Dr. Zuckerman and his team use some of the most efficient and effective lasers around today, including the Pharos EX-308 Excimer laser! Using the latest innovations in laser skin care, we can help patients to achieve the clean, clear, blemish free skin they want, faster, and with fewer side effects or downtime! Learn more about our laser treatments today.

Hair loss is an all too common issue, suffered by both men and women across New York City. Often caused by a common condition known as Alopecia, while they are most associated with aging, hair loss issues can come about in patients as soon as their early-20's! At The Dermatology Center, Dr. Zuckerman and his team have been treating patients suffering from all stages of hair loss for over 20 years using a wide range of treatments, including laser hair restoration, prescription and non-prescription meds, and even hair transplant procedures! If you are suffering from lost or thinning hair, the earlier you catch it, the better your hair restoration results will be. So act now, and contact The Dermatology Center to find out how we can help you to achieve a thicker, fuller, head of hair today.




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