Hair loss is an all too common issue, suffered by both men and women across New York City. Often caused by a common condition known as Alopecia, while they are most associated with aging, hair loss issues can come about in patients as soon as their early-20’s! At The Dermatology Center, Dr. Zuckerman and his team have been treating patients suffering from all stages of hair loss for over 20 years using a wide range of treatments, including laser hair restoration, prescription and non-prescription meds, and even hair transplant procedures! If you are suffering from lost or thinning hair, the earlier you catch it, the better your hair restoration results will be. So act now, and contact The Dermatology Center to find out how we can help you to achieve a thicker, fuller, head of hair today.

Some of the most popular methods of restoration of hair are through hair transplantation and scalp reductions.Today, however,innovative technology is helping thousands of hair loss sufferers to restore their natural hairlines.




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